GM Policy/Rules

Rules and Regulations for GM to follow:
#1. A GM that for no reason interact with the action of the game will be warned and if don't compling they will lose their GM rights, for example going to bosses
and taking up drops many times over, yet another example giving certain people they like boss items and leaving others without for racial reason or others the GM knows, racial example for not beeing chinese or english.
#2. GM's that abuse their powers, for example muting people, kicking or banning for say nothing but personal reason will at best get warned and will most likely loose GM rights straight away.
#3. GM's needs to stay neutral in any situation, and not be quick to take ones side without further process, for example an chinese player is blaming an english for hacking boss drops, while the english is saying he didn't a situation like this will require alot more research before handing out suitable punishment.
#4. When cursed apon a GM needs to remain calm, remember a GM is a reprecentative of the game, this is a very important rule for GM's.
An example can be a player cursing bad things about your family or yourself, stay calm and report to boyod for further proccess, don't yell back or curse.
#5. In going to bosses GM can test for drops rates and to check items are droping like they should, however remember GM's are mainly at bosses to observe the other players killing it and to check for hackers and speeders.
#6. GM can not sell items or levels ingame, if you do sell items you spawned with your GM account you will loose your GM rights without warning.
#7. Priority reports for example such as cash transfer problems or cash item packages problems are to be reported straight away to boyod.
#8. If apart of the GM team remember to treat your fellow GM's with respect, and any question or problems feel free to ask your team.
*Note that GM's don't have any command powers yet, however these rules will still apply from now on.
Written by:
Total War Team
Approved by:
Boyod Yang
Total War Team

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