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White magic class

Class with heal or spiritual skills. Cleric is the typical class for white magic, and then we have Monk, Hawk, and Druid. Just like dark magic type classes, white magic classes do have high intelligence and Mana growth rate. They usually use blunt type weapons for various kinds of healing or spiritual magic skills.
Monk - White magic skill 35+ Close attack skill 15, Monk advanced skill
Most of white magicians do bring blunts for protection, but mostly they try to avoid straight close range combat since their health rate is not really good, and don't really have good weapon skills. But, Monks do take serious weapon training for close range combat, therefore they sometimes are effective in close range combat just as good as Paladins.
Monks can be very useful since they do have white magic for their primary propensity.
Hawk - White magic skill 35+ Range attack skill 15, Hawk advanced skill
Class with decent long range bow skills. These white magic bowmen were actually nicknamed for their saint bright eyes, but it has become their real class name.
They usually take the scouting work, but sometimes do play serious role such as assassin.
Druid - White magic skill 35+ Dark magic skill 15, Druid advanced skill
When days of Karis, dark and white magic were clearly divided. But even then, Druids were taking good merits from both sides, and enchant them into more powerful magic.
Druids have most powerful white magic, and also can use incredible leveled dark magic.
Cleric - White magic skill 50, Cleric advanced skill
Clerics do work as supportive role for other party members, but they can be dangerous like dark magicians when their attack magic level gets higher. Cleric basically has healing and blessing magic commands, therefore they really are necessary for adventure or war against enemy.

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