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General introduction

Deicide unique class system to grow your character as you want with 4 type of attack skills(Close, Range, Dark magic, White magic), and getting a class as you learn each class's specified advanced skills.
Each attack skills will lead to their 4 divided class career.

Ex) When you get 50 close attack skills, you will be able to learn "Warrior" class's "War cry" advanced skill, and then you can become the "Warrior".


Deicide's changing occupation system


Deicide has different changing occupation system than other games (Changing class means you only can use new class's skills other than previous advanced skills, let you use both of previous and new advanced skills. Basically, you can call Deicide's changing occupation system not changing, but having multiple classes.

Ex) When "Warrior" (Close attack level 50) levels White magic skill to 10, character can learn the "Paladin" skill. Although, character's class will remain "Warrior", you can still use both skills for "Warrior" and "Paladin" class.

In order to change your class name from "Warrios" to "Paladin", you need to either level up you white magic skill higher than close attack skill, or learn 2nd "Paladin" advanced skill.
(Currently 2nd "Paladin" advanced skill is not available. Soon to be update.)


Deicide's changing occupation system

Class orderClose attackRange attackDark magicWhite magic
Close attackWarriorAssassinBlade mageMonk
Range attackBanditArcherWandererHawk
Dark magicShadow knightPoacherWizardDruid
White magicPaladinRangerShamanCleric
Horizontal classes are primary classes, and vertical classes are sub classes.
Classes will be decided as the primary attacking system for that certain character, you can gain the class title as you learn those special advanced skills.

Close attack class requirements

WarriorClose attack skill 50, Warrior advanced skill
BanditClose attack skill 35 + Range attack skill 15, Bandit advanced skill
Shadow knightClose attack skill 35 + Dark magic skill 15, Shadow knight advanced skill
PaladinClose attack skill 35 + White magic skill 15, Paladin advanced skill

Range attack class requirements

AssassinRange attack skill 35 + Close attack skill 15, Assassin advanced skill
ArcherRange attack skill 50, Atcher advanced skill
PoacherRange attack skill 35+ Dark magic skill 15, Poacher advanced skill
RangerRange attack skill 35+ White magic skill 15, Ranger advanced skill

Dark magic class requirements

Blade mageDark magic skill 35+ Close attack skill 15, Blade mage advanced skill
WandererDark magic skill 35+ Range attack skill 15, Wanderer advanced skill
WizardDark magic skill 50, Wizard advanced skill
ShamanDark magic skill 35+ White magic skill 15, Shaman advanced skill

White magic class requirements

MonkWhite magic skill 35+ Close attack skill 15, Monk advanced skill
HawkWhite magic skill 35+ Range attack skill 15, Hawk advanced skill
DruidWhite magic skill 35+ Dark magic skill 15, Druid advanced skill
ClericWhite magic skill 50, Cleric advanced skill

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